View from the top of the stairs


Easy [Non]Living Room Makeover


I’ve put a lot of work into this room so far.
To be fair most of the work was spent assembling the gargantuan TV wall unit.

All of the furniture and side tables are second-hand and have been painted by yours truly!
Yes, you read that right! I painted ALL of the furniture! Couches as well.
Turns out if you water down chalk paint it actually CAN be applied to furniture.
It’s durable, doesn’t transfer off onto clothing, and doesn’t feel crunchy!

I used the tutorial found here.


Pink couch about to be given a makeover


After painting the frame and fabric


Orange chair before


Black chair after

Overall I could not be happier with how it turned out. They are cozy and look elegant!

As soon as I get the chance I’ll add some photos of the rest of the living room area as well.

Stay Creepy!

Master Bedroom


The most difficult thing I have found when planning my master bedroom is which color scheme I wanted to go with. Being that most of my furniture has been painted grey, black, or white I decided I wanted something dark and elegant that was ALSO able to be bright. Thus I chose a glorious deep eggplant purple.


Master bedroom before flooring and painting.

Most of my furniture is chalk painted and distressed. I personally love that “antique” look that chalk paint gives a piece. My dresser and vanity are the only pieces that actually are antiques, and have also recently been painted as well.


Master bedroom after new flooring and painting.


Furniture before & after.


Master Bedroom corner

I’ll do a tutorial on that later! I’ll also be updating or adding more projects to each room they are intended for.

Keep it Creepy!

Master Bathroom


I was so desperate to paint the horrible “normal” white cupboards that I don’t believe I took any before photos to compare it to.
I ordered a few “pumpkin knobs” on Etsy, and covered the cabinets in a semi-gloss paint I bought at the hardware store.


If you attempt to do this yourself, make sure you at least have a decent brush in hand, and remove any of the knobs before painting.
This is just another simple fix, instead of replacing the entire vanity with something darker or more elegant.

The countertop (in all of its ugly beige glory) will soon be getting a makeover as well.
A few more photos of the bathroom.


Corner of bathroom counter


Bathroom vanity

Paint it Black!


By far the easiest, and most convenient way to begin to “creepify” your home is by painting things black. You can paint just about anything! Heck, I painted a couch!! (We’ll talk about that another time).
All you need is a can of spray paint for this easy bathroom upgrade.

20161013_164946.jpgI bought this ceramic bathroom set at Walmart on clearance about a year ago because I  liked the simple design.

So the other day I picked up a cheap can of spray paint, cleaned off the bathroom set, laid down some newspaper outside and sprayed the crap out of it!
I chose a matte black for this.
Now, keep in mind. This is a cheap, and less durable solution to goth-it-quickly.
Needless to say, it does get the job done.

The “Before”


Of course, I wasn’t lucky enough to move into an 1800’s Victorian manor in the English countryside.
I moved into a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse in the Lower Mainland (Greater Vancouver area) of British Columbia in Canada. While it may not be our dream home, after many years of renting we are finally able to call this place our own.
We ended up doing a lot more work in the first few months of home-ownership than we had expected. The previous owner was a heavy indoor smoker. Not only did he pretty much “abandon ship” and leave us mounds of his junk, but I swear the entire place was coated in yellow, nasty, smoky residue. So the first thing we did was clean, and clean some more. Then we began to paint. Anything to get that horrible smell out of our home.
That’s where this all began.
delia deetz.jpg
Of course, we were never the type of people who could paint a wall beige, throw  down a shag rug and put our feet up.
We wanted somewhere dark.
And beautifully, intricately GOTHIC.

After years upon years of collecting Halloween decor and mastering the art of DIY, we began our quest.
I’ve enclosed the few photos I took of our house before we started.


Main living area


Master bedroom


Upstairs hallway




Kitchen (I had already began to paint it grey)




Living/Dining area

Nothing like beige paint to crush your spirit. Am I right?