Master Bathroom


I was so desperate to paint the horrible “normal” white cupboards that I don’t believe I took any before photos to compare it to.
I ordered a few “pumpkin knobs” on Etsy, and covered the cabinets in a semi-gloss paint I bought at the hardware store.


If you attempt to do this yourself, make sure you at least have a decent brush in hand, and remove any of the knobs before painting.
This is just another simple fix, instead of replacing the entire vanity with something darker or more elegant.

The countertop (in all of its ugly beige glory) will soon be getting a makeover as well.
A few more photos of the bathroom.


Corner of bathroom counter


Bathroom vanity


Paint it Black!


By far the easiest, and most convenient way to begin to “creepify” your home is by painting things black. You can paint just about anything! Heck, I painted a couch!! (We’ll talk about that another time).
All you need is a can of spray paint for this easy bathroom upgrade.

20161013_164946.jpgI bought this ceramic bathroom set at Walmart on clearance about a year ago because I  liked the simple design.

So the other day I picked up a cheap can of spray paint, cleaned off the bathroom set, laid down some newspaper outside and sprayed the crap out of it!
I chose a matte black for this.
Now, keep in mind. This is a cheap, and less durable solution to goth-it-quickly.
Needless to say, it does get the job done.