Thrifty Gothic Die-ning Set


So I managed to win a dining set on one of our local  bidding sites. Only $10 -and I now have 6 chairs and a dining table that can seat up to 8! There’s even a hidden expansion tucked into the middle of the table top.

The one thing I have been lacking is a beautiful dining set for entertaining my family & friends, so I had high hopes for this thrifty find.


While I do admire the general “American Psycho” 80’s aesthetic…It wasn’t really what I had in mind.

So of course, I planned a classy furniture renovation.

I gathered up my supplies:
-leftover damask fabric. This is a taffeta, but I would recommend outdoor or heavy duty fabric if possible.
-glossy black furniture paint
-good quality paint brush
-staple gun and staples. I have an electric staple gun but a handheld one will work just as well.

I then disassembled the cushion-covered seat from the chair frame.20161102_145633
The fabric only needs to be cut to roughly the same shape as the seat, with an additional 2-3 inches on each side. Keeping the seat roughly in the middle of the fabric, I stapled the bottom row first, then moving to the opposite side and pulling the fabric tightly across before stapling that down as well.


Once the fabric is pulled and stapled on all sides, it looks a little something like this:


So I moved on to phase 2: Painting the chair black.

There’s no special trick to painting the chair black, although I would recommend using a quality paintbrush! It is going to need a couple coats, so don’t panic if the first coat has the chair looking like a prop from Evil Dead. (Unless you are totally into that look!)


After a couple of coats of paint and A LOT of patience, the chair came out looking… Like a chair! Slightly more classy… A little more creepy… and SO MUCH BETTER than it had originally. Just don’t forget to reattach the chair pad to the chair frame.

I lightly sanded down the tabletop just to smooth out any imperfections and applied a couple coats of glossy paint. Also in the timeframe it took to complete this project, I did repaint my dining room/ living room to a gloriously gloomy purple.

Not too bad for a thrifty overhaul!

(Although, I would recommend using a chalk paint for better coverage. I ended up having to use 5 coats of Rustoleum gloss paint, and some chairs still have some patchy spots)


A table setting fit for any ghoul. ❤

Stay creepy!