Room for the Non-Living Makeover


It’s no surprise that I have completely overlooked writing new blog posts for the last 8-9 months or so.  I came back to this blog today and was surprised to see how much my  (non)living room has changed in comparison to the photos on my blog!
(I am diligently trying to finish a healthcare course online that I have been working away on for the last YEAR!!!)



I am saddened to say that I ended up having to dispose of my lovely painted Victorian couch. This past Christmas we decided to gift ourselves a loveseat and matching chair. We went to a local haunt and placed a custom order for black velvet couches. Included in that, was a free gallon of paint! So we painted over our charcoal walls with gloomy, glorious purple!! In retrospect, the charcoal was a bit too “monochrome”, especially since all of our furniture was either black or white.



The candle “chandelier” hanging in the new photo was another local buy & sell find! I used glass frosting paint to frost small dollar store candle holders (which are glued to each arm) and used round dollar store candles in each dome.

Most of my side tables were given a fresh coat of black paint, and we purchased a pretty normal display-case coffee table from Ikea that was also painted black.

In the corner is another thrifty find, a vintage chair that I reupholstered! (Man I have really been slacking on all these blog posts that-could-have-been)


Addie sleeping in her favorite chair

I have lots of projects planned for the next few months leading up to October, so make sure and check back or subscribe to see new postings.

Stay cool, boils & ghouls. Summer sucks.



Easy [Non]Living Room Makeover


I’ve put a lot of work into this room so far.
To be fair most of the work was spent assembling the gargantuan TV wall unit.

All of the furniture and side tables are second-hand and have been painted by yours truly!
Yes, you read that right! I painted ALL of the furniture! Couches as well.
Turns out if you water down chalk paint it actually CAN be applied to furniture.
It’s durable, doesn’t transfer off onto clothing, and doesn’t feel crunchy!

I used the tutorial found here.


Pink couch about to be given a makeover


After painting the frame and fabric


Orange chair before


Black chair after

Overall I could not be happier with how it turned out. They are cozy and look elegant!

As soon as I get the chance I’ll add some photos of the rest of the living room area as well.

Stay Creepy!